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Take control !

In a world that is every day more interconnected and interactive, where phisical location is no longer an important element of our daily life, we still have to watch or control processes and events happening in a fixed place, at home or at work.

This can be represented as a modern form of slavery to the machine, while in most cases it is not necessary to be phisically present to be informed of the state of an automatic process.

The mission of Ariel.International is to free people from the slavery of machines, helping them to take control of their productive activity to result in a better quality of life and a better lifestyle.

Our service starts with the analysis of the problem and ends with a happy customer who can control and communicate with his equipment from everywhere through the web, receiving all the data he needs where and when he needs them.

We also make machines communicate with each other, add specific controls or functions to existing machines and develop engineering solution for custom and mass production.

With Ariel.International you take control of your production, your business and your life!

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